Skagway - Yukon Horseback Riding

Horseback riding in the Yukon Territory with trails through the Watson River valley near Emerald Lake. Perfect for day trips from Skagway. With sure footed well trained Yukon Horses Spirited Adventures looks forward to guiding you through Northern Canada's magnificent country.

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Yukon Lakeside Cabins for rent

Handcrafted round log cabin with lake view of Spirit Lake

Horseback riding with Emerald Lake Trail riding view of the lake

Handcrafted round log cabin with lake view of Spirit Lake

Answer the Call of the Wild…

Yukon offers boundless opportunities for those that listen. Spirited Adventures specializes in small or large group travel packages which include the opportunity to tailor your own personal adventure.


We offer an ala Carte menu of adventure where you can customize your day or days, our feature adventure is the paddle saddle where you travel to the resort and split your time between horse back riding in the valley and then gently canoeing on Spirit Lake, we break up the time with a hearty home made lunch at the lodge or if you prefer an evening itinerary we will split the package with a home cooked dinner.


Maybe you want more than canoeing and would like a Reel and Ride and instead of canoeing go fishing, book an afternoon with a fishing guide and complete your adventure with a home cooked fish dinner.


A customer review of the Yukon Saddle & Paddle:


"What a wonderful excursion. After a breathtaking drive we arrived at this quaint “cabin” like building. The owners were present and had home made chicken soup (marvelous) homemade bread for the sandwiches and freshly made pies. Apple and blueberry and more I cant remember….You would have thought it had been days since we last ate – the food was wonderful and the pies worthy of their own trip! Our very gracious hosts accommodated one of our party by making (sp) panakins? – mouthwatering and as if we could eat another bite – they were soon gone!


Now time to work off this feast and we headed for the lake for some canoeing. A peaceful tranquil lake with nary a soul on it but us. Hues of green, gold and blue and black shimmered at us surrounded by a waterscape of trees in every shape and color of green and blue. About half of the lake is as deep as 100ft with the other half being very shallow – 3-6. We paddled nearer the shallower side and quietly slipped across the lake. Even the teen boys were content to paddle and not whoop and holler - in what felt like a very spiritual setting. When reaching a distant shore our guide proceeded to tell us about the land and mountains, talking at length of the history and foliage that surrounded us. We then paddled back – somehow feeling rested – even with the mild exercise.


Now get 9 people onto horses – some who have never rode and for some whom this is second nature. A very patient guide got every age and experience level matched up with the right horse and away we went. The horses were clearly well taken care of and were pretty well matched to their riders. No small feat with the 9 of us. The trails meandered through groves of trees and meadows – up and down steep slopes – into the forest and then back dropping to a setting of towering mountains. Again – the incredible surroundings and landscape had most of quietly taking in this journey. The trail was a bit dusty but overlooked due to the panorama that waited us at each turn or climb. We dropped down and eventually followed a small river and wound around and came up another incline – yielding yet another vista. We all stopped and took pictures – as there was little chance prior and then proceeded through the forests – eventually returning to the lodge.


This was a spectacular excursion – from our incredibly gracious hosts to the guides to the land itself. Certainly a memory each of us will have for a lifetime.


Back on the road again – we visited Emerald Lake and then headed back to Skagway. We had to stop – several times for the black bear foraging by the side of the road – that then decided to take a walk down the yellow line. With nary a car in site – we watched the solitary bear walk for many minutes – before he ventured back into the woods. Only a few minutes later – around a turn was a moose – grazing along the forest. She walked for awhile and decided we certainly had enough photo opportunities and then crossed the road to disappear into the forest. As dense as the forest was at this point – we could not figure out how an animal of her size could even get through the bramble! Ever on the lookout for more wildlife we carefully drove – until hitting fog so thick that even the road in front of us disappeared. We journeyed like this all the way into Alaska – finally with a little clearing as we approached Skagway. Scary yes – beautiful in its own right – yes – we were fortunate to see many different “days” in our little journey! We found those that stayed in Skagway due to the inclement weather – had rain pouring the entire day. Many were wondering how we could appear with sun burnt faces out of the deep fog!"


– T. Fontaine, Arizona


Yukon: The Perfect Horseback Getaway


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